About me

We are the leading scrap dealers in Hyderabad, providing great service to help recycle our precious resources by dealing in all types of scraps to achieve the goals of cost reduction, efficient management of limited resources, and reduced landfill use. We support communities, industries, and governments through trade in industrial and residential scrap. We provide a cost-effective solution for removing all kinds of metals. We all buy completely obsolete, damaged, or obsolete ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects. Our assembly team will arrange pick-up from the factory area and legal scrap disposal.

We continuously sell sorted and processed scrap to the end-user industry. The collected metal waste is transported to our farm and tested for quality and recyclability. Metal waste is sorted and sent to the foundry, construction, transport, and other industries for later use. The products we offer meet the customized needs of the end-user industry. Not only is it a leader in metal waste transactions, but it also collects e-waste generated in homes and offices.

What do we offer?

Our products include different categories of scrap metal and e-waste. The product categories are simple old scrap, low-quality metal scrap, and high-quality recycled waste.

We handle the following types of scrap.

  • Iron scrap
  • Aluminum scrap
  • Other non-ferrous scrap such as copper, zinc, and brass
  • E-waste from scrap computers, laptops, computers, and other electronic products

Why choose our scrap dealers in Hyderabad?

Fair work- Our management is well educated, polite, friendly, and driven by a passion for customer service. They are well educated in business ethics and customer relations. Recycling has become easier, so feel free to support the case.

Exact weight Customers who sell scrap can count the reliable prices on all the scrap materials sold. We use digital scales to satisfy our customers

FImmediate payment – We offer scrap picking services throughout Hyderabad as well as instant payments for your scrap.

Ease of use or convenience – We offer a dedicated scrap collection service in Hyderabad, so please sell e-waste and scrap with us. You also have the option of collecting waste at preset regular intervals for the ultimate convenience.

Our Products

Copper Scrap

Copper is a widely used metal because of its properties and benefits.

Iron Scrap

We are the best scrap dealer in Hyderabad, specializing in buying and selling iron scrap

Computer Scrap

Do you want to sell scrap computer scrap and e-waste from electronic devices?

Plastic Scrap

s we know, recycling plastic is very important for your environment, and many companies need old plastic scrap.

Scrap Buyer

We are the leading scrap buyer in Hyderabad, specializing in buying all kinds of scraps,